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But I would like to show you just how exactly we can learn for sure when it in fact indeed is now started, however, we are seeing Etherium begin to go upward and we're watching XRP starts to pop . I want to explain to you some immunity that needs to break before these altcoins are indeed likely to start popping. And that I want to show you that very, really intriguing experiment showing us if we've bought Bit coin for about $ 1 every single moment.

Since 2015 how far Bit-coin do we have? And that I promise that the answer will jolt you. And if You Think that seems intriguing, I Believe That You should definitely go

Hi tech guys, and advised into the moon, Martin. Ms and I image attracting this cryptocurrency video. Let's Look at Bitcoin. And what gives you now is that Bit coin is. Type of trying to receive a correction, but basically is indeed running to a support. And I'd like to demonstrate exactly what type of service I am speaking about.

Therefore let's only get a modest little support zone outside of some of these essential, umpoints of touch. So you may see already we saw some immunity directly there, some service directly there. And both of these. To support points came down and dipped into this area. And even if it is, drag this out farther. We can see here how this service region, yet more functioned as support just a little bit.

And then if we snapped it, then we just came down further here. So Bitcoin has been respecting this level. And initially we did see Bit coin get a tiny bit, uh, rejection out with the scope, also it was zoom . We can observe this is indeed the specific zone in which Bitcoin is now testing service.

And something else that is interesting about the zone is that this isreally. Truly the CME stocks gap. Therefore we can see now that Bit coin has officially now fulfilled the very first CME futures gap. From the 3 gaps that I have been talking about, and also like I've said previously, I believe this difference and also this particular difference, they both have a very, extremely substantial odds of being full of

But I'm not too positive about this particular gap. Let us see. However, I believe that this gap had been most likely to receive full, and now we did notice that gets crammed. And that I think that this is also statistically, and speaking, that has a very significant likelihood of getting filled. And this is right down in 8,580.

Forty U M, depending to the CME futures chart. Thus let us move back to the spark chart. Uh, this usually means that we filled the gap, so that like I explained, the following gap will be sound. We're down in these levels. I am talking about, it is obvious that this is the support amount, and as long as we are over the support amount that we need to anticipate. It will be definitely going to really go up or sideways the demonstrably.